The Nevada Wheelchair Foundation a Behring Global Educational Foundation #84-4053692 ,501©3 is having its first major fundraiser June 19th 2023 put on by the Monday Dark Foundation. We were selected out of hundred’s other nonprofits to raise $10,000 in 90 minutes. We are so excited to receive the $10,000 and the awareness is incredible for our foundation. they use Las Vegas professional entertainers that are off on Monday’s giving their time and talent to the foundation.

The Nevada Wheelchair Foundation mission is to give a new wheelchair to every man, women and child that need one, but can’t afford one. already donated over 11,500 wheelchairs to our Nevada residents in need. We are self-funded no state or local grants. Our goal is to raise money to continue buying new wheelchairs for our residents in Nevada. The staff of the NWCF is one (1) Director and (1) part time assistant Director, volunteers, service clubs like the LV Rotary and the Breakfasters Lion club.

Our responsibility is to get as many raffle items possible that’s why I’m asking if your company can assist us. If you need further information please email [email protected] or [email protected]