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After 10,000 new wheelchairs given out free to our residences that need a wheelchair but can’t afford one, the NVWCF is back with the same goal to give 10,000 wheelchairs in the next (5) years.

Mission Statement

The Nevada Wheelchair Foundation is leading a local effort to create awareness for people with physical disabilities, promoting the joy of giving and friendship. To deliver a wheelchair in Nevada, to every child, teen, and adult who needs one for permanent use, can’t afford one.

With the help of local service clubs like the Lions and Rotary, the wheelchairs are delivered to the recipient’s right to their home.

The NVWCF would like to team up with KVVU 5 to make sure your viewers that need a Wheelchair will get one. Your station did a segment on us years ago was very successful in locating recipients.


John Williams

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a tremendous amount of help from our local Rotarians in the Las Vegas area moving, storing, and delivering wheelchairs to some local recipients in our community. With their continued support, we can keep providing mobility throughout the Nevada areas. We wanted to thank them for their assistance.

John Williams
State Director

From time to time when we distribute wheelchairs to individuals that are in desperate need of independence and have the need to be able to move around their homes and communities, we receive some pretty amazing letters from folks and we love to share their stories with you.

There are so many folks here in Nevada that need a wheelchair and we could use your help. Any donation amount helps us to continue to fund the distribution of wheelchairs to those that need them right here in our communities.

Thank you,

Nevada Chapter
Wheelchair Foundation